Hello world!

December 29, 2010
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On Friday, December 31, 2010, I’ll be traveling to India for a two-week medical mission trip with Seeds Ministries, Inc.  (12/31/20 – 1/14/11)  I’ll be serving alongside a team of some of the finest (and funniest!)   physicans from the Memphis, Tennessee area.  The purpose of the trip will be to provide annual check-ups and medical treatment for about 75 orphans and staff, plus providing four, free medical clinics in a rural area of India.  I have been supporting this orphanage for about a year and I’m really looking forward to meeting the children in person!

India has such a rich history, fascinating culture and amazing food.  I have several special Indian friends who also have planted a seed in my heart to one day visit this beautiful country.  Can’t wait to have some authentic chicken tikka masala!

A special thanks to all of you who have contributed to help provide the medicine that we are taking on this trip and also to those who have committed to pray for us each day.  I am also grateful for my special friends who helped me prepare for this trip and who are helping look after my pets and business while I’m out of town. Thank you!

God has shaped my heart for missions and I’m so thankful to Him for opening this door to go.  I’m looking forward to watching him work in and through our team to stretch our faith and to reveal His character.  He has a plan and divine appointments for us on this journey.  Our desire is to reflect and represent Jesus Christ wherever we go.


6 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. suzie johnson Says:

    Praying with you Christy, for your protection while traveling, that all goes smoothly with the flight transitions and luggage deliveries and that you’re God given strength of BOLDNESS be utilized as you witness to others in the name of our sweet Lord!

  2. Sally Gunn Says:

    Christy, something has been wrong with my email and I just discovered over 300 messages that I had missed. Your announcement about your trip (now in progress) was among the missing.
    You are in our prayers daily, and I will check your blog regularly.

    Love and good health to you and your team.
    Aunt Sally

  3. admin Says:

    So glad you found the email and the blog. I missed seeing you at Christmas. Hope Uncle George’s surgery goes well. Much love, Christy

  4. admin Says:

    As I was speaking to the Indian gentleman on the plane, I just kept remembering the word BOLDNESS in your comment on the blog, thanks for that encouragement! You’d love India too. Christy

  5. Russell & Joanna Owens Says:

    Jan. 3, 2011 Christy, Russell wrote you yesterday, but it looks as if it didn’t go. We are following you with great interest and prayers. He told you of my Memphis days – intern at the old downtown Baptist Hospital 1955-56 – before your teammates were born! Love and prayers, Joanna

  6. admin Says:

    Joanna, My roommate Laura says the Baptist Nursing School is still being used by the Baptist hospital downtown is now gone. It’s a small world that you have that connection with Memphis. We will packed 3,226 pill bags. Tomorrow we fly to Nagpur to start medical work, and we’ll post a group photo in our scrubs. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. Love to you both! Christy