Jan 2, 2011 Counting Meds

January 2, 2011
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Hindu God outside our hotel

Our first night in India we spent at Dee Marks Hotel in New Delhi.  The rooms are clean and simple with two twin beds.  My roommate is Laura Egbretson, an OBGYN from Memphis.  Her husband John, also a doctor, is watching her two children back home.  We slept in until about 10 and got up to join the group for breakfast of naan (Indian bread) over-easy eggs, and chai (Indian tea).  When I opened the curtains in my room, I saw the 60- foot statue of a Shiva, the Hindu god of snakes.  The Hindu religion has over 330 million gods.

Since 11 a.m. this morning, we’ve been counting meds into small bags.  It’s now 7 p.m. and we are still not finished.  Everyone is tired and a little punchy :-)    We have a pharmacist, Bob Muchlevicz, on the team who is overseeing the project.  When we finish we will have 3,336 me d bag.  We also brough over 26,000 children’s vitamins. These meds will be  dispensed on the orphanage medical treatment days and also at the free village clinics.  The medical capabilities based on the medicine and medical equipment we brought will allow the team to treat malnutrition, iron deficiencies, deabetes, infection, high blood pressure, pain, wound care, and minor surgeries.  There will be an emphasis on female reproductive health and prenatal care. 

Please pray over  these medications and for the doors to be open for our village clinics.  Village leaders have to give authorization for us to come in and that can dissolve at the last minute.   We also have heard that village midwives can be very territorial.  So please be covering this prayer.

Also, two team members have sickness.  Lane O’Daniel, retired technical school instructor and EMT, has come down with a cold and was very worn down today.  Also,  Jan Lewis,  nutritionalist and wife of team leader Dr. David Lewis, has some painful mouth ulcers on her tongue.  We have prayed over these individuals, but just ask that you pray for wholeness and healing for them too, so we can accomplish God’s purposes while we are here.

Team counting meds

Laura and Christy count children's vitamins

9 Responses to “Jan 2, 2011 Counting Meds”

  1. Liza Peltola Says:

    We’re following your trip–already rejoicing and praying for you. India looks so awesome—can’t wait to see more pix. Love, Liza and gang

  2. Donna Lynn Says:

    Praying specifically as you asked! What an awesome blog to keep up with your team work.
    Praising God for what has already and will be accomplished!
    Donna Lynn

  3. Russell & Joanna Owens Says:

    Greetings Pill Counters:
    Yes we have been and will continue to pray for your needs, safety and success in your efforts at the Orphanage and the outlying clinics. Joanna has had Memphis connections but too long ago for this group. After graduating from Med. College of Pa. in Philadelphia in 1955 she did an Internship at the Old Baptist Hospital (down town) Memphis and then a rotating residency at Winstion Salem NC before going to Nigeria where she served 8 years as a full time Medical Missionary. She knows the rigors of “bush Medicine”
    We believe this “well roounded team” is capable and will provide a lot of medical care as well as good will in the spirit of the Lord.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.


    Russell and Joanna

  4. Holly Horton Says:

    Stunning photo of the Taj Mahal and the camel. Says a lot about their cultural heritage. More photos please. How about a group shot of everyone? How many pill bags did you end up with to distribute? Hugs–Holly

  5. Emily Chaffin Says:

    Glad you made it! Excited to see what God will do through your team! Love- Em

  6. admin Says:

    The Taj Mahal is luminescent, you could do wonders with it! We packed 3,226 pill bags (zip lock bags) and 26,000 children’s vitamins. We will do a group photo after we fly to Nagpur tomorrow and are in our scrubs. Love, Christy

  7. admin Says:

    Hi Russell, I got this message and appreciate it so much! I just told my roommate about Joanna’s connections with Memphis, small world. She said Baptist Hospital is now gone. The doctors on this team are all so laid back and humble, you almost wouldn’t know they are doctors :-) Tomorrow, we fly south to begin our medical work. Hope all is well with IDA. Love, Christy

  8. admin Says:

    Thank you for following along. Our two team members who had ailments are now so much better and all know it is the result of prayers. We packed 3,226 bags of pills, and we have 26,000 children’s vitamins. Please let me know how the fellowship time goes at the PEACE house. love, Christy

  9. admin Says:

    Lu, we drove spend 12 hours on a van over the last two days driving to Agra to see the Taj. Well worth it, but also got to spend time with the artisans watching them carve or weave, etc. I bought you something cool for your new house. Good times, tomorrow we fly south to begin medical work. Love, Sis