Jan 5, 2011 Meeting the Orphans

January 6, 2011
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Central India

We flew out of Delhi on Indigo Air at 9:00 a.m. and landed in Central India around noon.  It’s hard to describe the vast differences between this part of India and the big city of Delhi, but I would have to say that THIS is what I though India would be like!  Delhi with it’s  cold, gray concrete, smog, congestion and poverty and been replaced with colorful saris, a burgeoning economy, fragrant flowers and citrus groves, wide streets filled with scooters and motorcyles, and warm sunny days.   It is like a foreigner coming to the US and only visiting the Bronx in New York and trying to formulate an opinion of America without experiencing the scenic beauty of the rural areas.  I’m so glad our team got to visit this part of India – it’s so beautiful!   The days are 70 degrees and nights in the 50′s, although, we’ve been told it can get over 110 degrees in the summer!

tree lined streets

After checking into our hotel and getting lunch, we headed out of town about45 minutes to visit the orphanage and community were we will be serving for the next eight days.  We arrived at the home of the ministry leader with his wife, three children and his parents, who are involved in the day-to-day operation of the orphanage.   We enjoyed coffee, sharing gifts (I was able to present more handmade dishtowels from Juanita Weaver in Whitetop Virginia) and watched an excellent video put together by a short term mission team from NC on the orphanage program and its’ God sized vision. 

presenting dish towels

The orphanage has 74 children who have rescued from the streets and railway stations all over India. India has a poplulation of 1.3 billion people, and of these, 35 million are ophans.  At this program, the children range in age from 2 years old to 18 years old and are without parents and previously without hope, most have been physically or sexually abused.   The ministry incudes not only the orphanage, consisting of a Boys House and Girls House but also vocational training programs, a Bible school and a church.  The ministry has a staff of about 22 people including cooks, house parents, Bible school teachers, maintenance and drivers.   The future vision of the ministry is to expand out to a 24 acre site which they own and to build 40 orphan cottages (each would contain 25 orphans with two house parents), a school, medical clinic, a church, a well, and recreational facilities that could be used by the surrounding villagers.   The property would also have gardens, poultry, dairy and fish farm to allow the program to be self sufficient.  The ministry is interested in short term mission teams to come for construction, gardening, and alternate energy projects like solar and bio-gas.

Rencently, the landlords of the rented Girls House informed the ministry they would have to vacate.  So the since the move to the 24 acre property is still about 2 years out, they bought a small plot near the Boys House and are building a new Girls House.   When the cottages are ready on the new property all the orphans will move out to the property together.

worship with the children

worship band

Then we were invited to a special worship service with the orphans.   We arrived at the Boys House as it was getting dark.  All the children, boys and girls, were in their shirts and dresses and provided us such a joyful time of praise and worship!   Several older boys placed guitar and drums.  One 16 year old boy told of how he had been abandoned as a child and found love and hope through this minstry.  The children had made us leis of white, yellow and orange marigolds which they placed around our necks.  They were each so loving.  We toured the Boys House, a three story concrete structure with basic washing, bathroon and kitchen.   All the children are provide uniforms to attend public school but have tutoring, daily prayer time and Bible study though the orphanage program.

I have been looking forward to this time to meet the children who I have only seen on Christmas cards and newsletters for the past few years.   God has worked all this out in His perfect way, and in His perfect time.  What a blessing to be a part of giving these children hope and future.   We will start tomorrow with our first medical clinic at the Boys House and surrounding streets.

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  1. Russell & Joanna Owens Says:

    Christy: “Are we there yet” The answer is yes you have arrived and God willing your team will do good.

    Thanks for your informative reports.

    The meeting with VDOT will take place Tuesday, January 11th at the Colunty offices, Conf. Room 2.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


    Russell & Joanna

  2. Holly Horton Says:

    “India has a poplulation of 1.3 billion people, and of these, 35 million are ophans.” Wow!!!!! Since reading your post, I have been reading up on the adoption laws of Indian children by foreign nationals. Interesting. I see Andrew’s smile in so many of the boys who look about 5 too!