Jan 6, 2011 Clinic at Boys House I

January 7, 2011
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Dr. Laura Engbretson and Christy Parker in scrubs

 Last night, many of us on the team did not sleep well.   A large Indian wedding party took place on the floor beneath our row of rooms and the blaring Bollywood dance music was so loud it actuallly shook our rooms, not an exaggeration.  It was at least 1:30 a.m. before the music stopped (thanks to the gentle persuasion and multiple front desk visits by Dr. Laura)  We were all a bit tired for our first medical clinic, but our enthusiasm more than made up the difference!!

We started the day by meeting in Dr. Lewis’ room and divided supplies and packed what we needed for the day in several large suitcases.  Then we headed off for the Boys House where we would be providing well and sick child check-ups for each boy and also for any villagers in the neighborhood who would also come for treatment.  These clinics will be a source of outreach to the predominately Hindu populations. 

team inspects new Girls House (Boys House and new Bible school/office/church in background)

Before arriving at the Boys House, the local ministry leader took us to see the construction of the new  Girls House (but temporary until they all move to new 24 acre site) which is in the same area as the Boys House.  In the photo above,  you can see the team inspecting the construction and in the back ground you can see two tall buildings in the back ground.  The three-story building on the right is the Boys House (blue) and the slightly shorter building on the left (unfinished) is the new Bible school/office/church building.  It will be so much more convenient for the ministry staff to have both children’s houses in close proximity.  This is a rural area on the outskirts of town.

team arrives at Boys House

We set up the medical clinic in the lower level of the unfinished building next to the Boys House.   The boys lined up and waited patiently for their turn to be seen.  Soon the word spread and people in the neighborhood were also in line.  We started at 11:00 a.m. and ended about 5:30 p.m.  All total, we assessed and treated 89 people ages 1 year  to 75 years old. 


boys wait in line


mother and children

old man

Below are photos of each team member and a description of their responsibilities.  Each team member had a translator assigned to them which were primarily Bible school students who had strong English speaking skills.

Organizing the Day:  Dr. David Lewis

Dr. David Lewis

Dr. Lewis made sure we were prepared for our day by assigning each of us a day to be responsible for  daily devotion (a special “thank you” to the lady at  Bartlett United Methodist Church for the terrific devotional guides).  He also provides oversight  and accounting of all medicine and medical supplies that were taken on this mission trip.  He arranged suitable accommodation, food and drivers to safely transport us to and from  the clinic sites.   During the day, he makes sure we are kept hydrated, makes sure the process flows smoothly, helps assign translators, gives us lunch breaks and reminds us to take our malarone (malaria medicine) in the morning!



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