Jan 7, 2011 Clinic at Girls House

January 9, 2011
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girls from the orphanage line up


The clinic at for the orphans at the Girls House was set up across the street from the Girl’s House.  It was made by stringing rugs and blankets on poles to create walls.  

setting up clinic in Girls Home neighborhood


Christy handles check-in, (Girls House - green)


 The neighborhood had concrete houses with wrought iron fences and a dirt road.  Most people in this neighborhood use a public well.    There are cows that wonder the streets and a mongrel dog lay in the road nursing two pups as we set up. 

street near Girls House


cows roaming


Across the street from the clinic you can see a small brick structure with a flag on the top.  That is a Hindu shrine for the neighborhood. 

brick Hindu shrine across from our clinic


At this clinic, Dr Laura (OBGYN) was happy to have another Indian OBGYN come by to help in the morning.  This clinic was not only attended by the orphan girls for their annual check-ups, but also by  many mothers and children from the neighborhood. 

Indian doctor lends a hand


The Indian doctor wrote 4 or 5 prescriptions for each a patient, which kept Bob the pharmacist busy.  Also the Indian doctor uses different dosing, so sometimes Bob had to cut pills in halves or fourths. 

Bob stays busy


Dr Clay Jones said that there were a lot of lice and scabies observed on this day and also a lot of warts from the Girls House.   One girl came in who had it and they have all been walking on the floor and spreading it.  Dr. Jones  told me how they treat them, which I found very interesting.   First, he scrapes the wart off the foot and then places a baby asprin on the shaved place and puts a bandaid on it.  Each day the place is cleaned and a new asprin is placed back on the spot.  This goes on for a week and it is very successful in removing the wart! 

docs at work


end of the day


We treated about 150 patients on this day, about 36 girls and many woman, children and elderly from the neighborhood.   Tomorrow, we will have a clinic in a little village square a few miles away. 

Sorry for the delay in postings.  We have not had internet for two days.  Just want you to know we are eating well and enjoying the variety of indian dishes, especially dosa that is serve for breakfast which is kind of like an Indioan crepe made with rice flour and filled with potatos chutney and spices.   

One of our team members, June Peterson, did get good poisoning one night, but is well now.  We cannot get water in our mouths here from the tap, which is hard to remember when we brush our teeth or shower, also we miss ice in our drinks very much.  

The moon is in crescent phase  here and venus is very bright.  The crescent is like a smile, not a vertical crescent, which is very unusual.  

We have been following the India / South Africa cricket on TV in the evenings.  We look to Nigel Bowen, our Bristish team member to explain the game.  Don’t quiz me on it, I’d fail.  Cricket is huge in India. 

I hear you have had snow at home and I can sympathize….yesterday, was the coldest day in all of recorded history in India.  Somewhere in the country it was 32 degrees!  :-)      Even when it gets that cold at night, the daytime temps are usually in the mid- to high 70′s. 

 Psalm 34:8 has come to my mind so many times here: “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!  Oh the joys of those who find their refuge in him!”  I feel the Lord’s blessing each time I see a colorful sari,  breath the fragrant air or taste the amazing food here.  God is with us and we thank Him!

2 Responses to “Jan 7, 2011 Clinic at Girls House”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Oh Christy,, you do such an awesome job with your blogging. We feel as if we are with you! We continue to pray for you and the team and for each person your team ministers to. What an amazing testimony of God’s greatness. Yes indeed… “oh taste and see that the Lord is good!” I know you all are seeking refuge in HIM! Enjoy the 70 degree temps.. we’re frigid….this am on the way to church it was 0 and -4 on the car thermometers. More snow on the way!! Much love and many prayers!

  2. admin Says:

    suzanne, thanks for your encouraging words and prayers. everyone on the team, except me, is from memphis and they got about 6 inches, so they are all concerned about their families, etc. yesterday, we went to a very remote village ( I haven’t blogged it yet) and I inhaled alot of dust for several hours and now have fluid and conjestion in my chest. please pray for that. stay warm, much love, christy