Jan 8, 2011 Clinic at Buddhist shrine

January 10, 2011
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village town square with statue

Today, we offered a free  clinic in a  in a village next to a Buddhist shrine.  This was our first clinic not associated with the orphan chilren specifically.  Our clinic locations are determined in cooperation with the local ministry/local church that we are partnering with on this trip.  (they run the orphanage and Bible school)  The large, central Indian city of 3.2 million which we are near has the largest Buddhist temple in India and boast of 10,000 converts per year.

Buddha on the right, pharmacist on the left!

 It was a small village and we arrived in the public square where there was a public multi-purpose building which the village leaders allowed us to use.  You can see from the photos of our area where the team is beginning to set up that inside the right door is a statue of Buddha.  Outside on the town square, there is a large statue of a man who wrote the Indian constitution and was a beloved leaders and philanthropist.   He is viewed as a type of saint, or god here, and some of the children had his picture on a necklace around their necks.

Two years ago, when this team tried to hold a clinic at this location, there was opposition from local leaders, and a police escort was involved. The clinic did not work out.  This year, the situation was quite different.   The new “mayor” of the village is a graduate of the Bible school that is run by our local ministry partners..   He was therefore very supportive of the clinic.  He welcomed our team with a ceremony  and each of us were  presented with a lei of marigolds by one of the senior citizens of the community. 

Jan Lewis receives a lei

The local leader even allowed Bible school students to pass out gospel tracts in the neighborhoods around the clinic. This is a predominately Hindu and Buddhist area.  What a testimony of how God is using this local ministry and the Bible school to impact the surrounding communities.   Each day, we praise God for the strong Christian young men and women from the Bible school who assist each of us as a personal translator. We ate lunch in a local home and experienced some great hospitality. 

Mary Ellen Walker talks to student interpreters

 We served about 250 people this day, with a variety of medical conditions.  It must have been senior day because we had so many senior citizens come.  One older man was  sent straight to the local hospital because his blood sugar was so high, our equipment could not read it. (over 500)  We had one 28-yr old female HIV patient, who had contracted the diseaase from her husband, a trucker, who had now left her.  She had many questions of Dr. Clay Jones about her future. The older Indian men and women have such amazing faces, I love to photograph them. We had  a 2- year old albino girl come, which was interesting.  The physicians tried to help her mother understand the importance of sunscreen and eye protection, to which the mother responded with indifference.

man with high sugar


albino girl


It was fascinating to see a herd of cows occasionally walking down the street.  I just couldn’t get used to seeing that.  

cows in the street


On Sunday, the day after this clinic, one of the girls at the Bible school in the sewing program gave a powerful testimony of how blessed she felt as she boldly distributed gospel tracts.  She told us how all the orphans had fasted and prayed all night Friday for prayer covering for these clinics.  When she was finished with the tracts, she returned to the orphange where she still lives, went up on the roof and got on her knees, worshipping Jesus and thanking him for the honor of serving Him.  She wants to be a powerful witness for Christ.   Her boldness is truly an inspiration for us!

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  1. Suzanne Says:

    Amazing photos Christy! Praying for each of you and especially the children there who are being used by God!! What a shame that we aren’t as bold to witness or to worship!! Help us Lord, be as these little children!!
    Stay strong Christy! Our love and prayers are with you!

  2. Russell & Joanna Owens Says:

    Christy: I am agareeing to a meeting with Hammond Hunt , you and me for Lunchen at House of Main at 12:00 noon Tuesday Janaury 17th. He and two friends came to our Dec. IDA Baord mtg. and wanated a follow up mtg. I will fill you in on what I know after you get back and before the mtg. on the 17th.

    Keep your reports and Pictures coming. We will continue to praay for you and the Team.



  3. admin Says:

    Hi Russell, I always enjoy seeing your comments, they are so encouraging to me. Hope you are staying warm in all the snow you’ve had. God continues to bless the trip. I am a little sick from alot of dust I’ve inhaled, so please pray for that. You can sent county-related email to my cparker@washcova.com email address. I still check that too. Love, Christy