Jan 9, 2011 Sunday worship

January 11, 2011
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Dr Jones plays guitar

Sunday worship

On Sunday, we joined the local church we are partnering with for worship and teaching.  They meet in the lower level of the Boys House  (where we had our first clinic).   The church is made up of most the boy and girl orphans, numbering about 74, and many from the surrounding community.  The Boys House is on the left in the picture below.  The building on the right is under construction and it will house the church meeting place, offices and bible school when completed.

Boys House/Church

When we arrived, the praise and worship was going strong with guitars, and two types of bongo drums.  It’s hard to describe the joy that is found in the praises of the orphans.  They are not inhibited and even some of the tiniest ones will often lift their hands up to praise God. 

The local ministry leader opened a time of testimony.  Several little hands shot up.  Little girls and boys stood up from sitting on the floor and boldly gave a testimony of God’s faithfulness.  I want to stress that these are kids under the age of 12 and most  who spoke were about 6 or 8 years old. One said I was sick, but I am better now.  One said after the Friday night prayer and fasting , two children were delivered from demons and healed.  One said she wanted to thank God for helping her go to school and for every promise.   One 4 year old boy thanked God for helping him memorize his Bible verses.  He couldn’t , but then at the last minute he could.

 “Mama”, the ministry leaders mother, thanked God for our teams arrival as we are the only medical team that supports this ministry.  She said there was a time of prayer and fasting by all the orphans on Friday night for this week’s clinics.  A lady in the community who had been in bed for 20 years testified to God’s healing power.  She had been witnesses to by a Bible student and decided she would come to church.  She wore her husband down in asking until finally he and three other men brought her to the church service and she was completely healed.  She told this story and thanked God again!  Another lady said she brought a friend with her at Christmas time who had a severe infection in one of her fingers and it was healed.

A beautiful young Bible student came forward to give her testimony.  She spoke of the joy of being able to serve the Lord by distributing the gospel tracts the day before.  She talked about her desire to serve the Lord in every place not matter what problems or persecution she might face.

boys reciting their scripture

Dr. David Lewis brought a message from Mark chapter 4 about how we need to have faith and flexibility when we face times of fear.  He said we will all face these times, everyone of us, but the important thing to remember is that Jesus is there with us and He is in control.   We experience the character of God in different ways when we go through the storms.  Jesus has a blessing , a plan for us even in the storms.  We wouldn’t know God was able to deliver unless we had gone through the storms.  His message was very well received.

Dr Lewis brings the message


We had a group picture and then went to the ministry leader’s house for lunch.  We had some delicious tika chicken, grilled and tinder and lentils with rice.   In the afternoon, the ministry leaders wife took all the ladies shopping for Indian outfits and tea.  It was a nice relaxing day.

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  1. Marge Mitchell Says:

    Thank you for publishing this. Dr Laura E. is a friend of my daughter. They have been friends since high school. She shared this site on her FB page. I have shared it with a select few.

    It is amazing how different and how special a foreign mission trip can be.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    So glad you enjoyed your day!! Sounds absolutely amazing! Love the boldness and openess of the children!! What witnesses they are!! Praying for each of you! S<

  3. admin Says:

    Mrs. Mitchell,
    Thanks for your encouraging words. Laura has been my roommate on the trip and is so much fun! We’ve been blessed on this trip and pray we were used in some small way to plant seeds while we were here. God bless, Christy

  4. admin Says:

    Those little ones had the purest faith I’ve ever seen. I am now in Delhi preparing to fly home tonight. We have 12 hours before our flight so I hope to catch up on my last couple days of blogging. Please pray snow will not delay us coming in. Thanks! Christy