Jan 10, 2011 Village Clinic #1

January 13, 2011
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blessed are the poor in spirit

We left The Farm after our lunch and drove about 15 minutes to a nearby village.  We parked the vehicles and walked single file through narrow streets with sewer running down the center, which required us to jump over back and forth as we approach our clinic site.   Some of the Bible students, Momma and Daddy (ministry leader’s parents) had arrived early to set up the tables and a large tarp covering. 

sewer in the streets

our street front location

The check-in table where I was sitting along with Jan Lewis and our translators was right on the main road.  As men and women lined up to be checked-in, they began to push and shove which stirred up an incredible amount of dust.  This was exacerbated by the normal foot, bicycle  and oxen traffic already moving up and down the road. 

Jan Lewis, always cheerful, even in the dust!

The team worked diligently and was able to see 141 patients in about 2.5 hours!  There was a hernia, and lots of cases of parasites.  Dr. Clay Jones said he listens for patients to describe stomach pain, body aches, rashes, abdominal cramps, and weakness and typically that indicates parasites.  Also, he had a man who complained of pain radiating into his back 10 minutes after eating which he identified as most likely a bad gall bladder surgery.  He explained to the man he would need to see a doctor and possibly need surgery, but to deal with this short term, he should eat small, frequent meals and avoid spicy or greasy foods.  Dr. Laura  Engbretson said she has never heard such bad lungs – it’s no wonder, with all the dust! 

Dr Clay Jones and his trusted interpreter Prajucta

Treva Jolley takes a turn with the camera

 The last patient of the day walked in as we were packing up.  This young 19 year old man had a boil on his lower abdomen.  Dr.  Ray Walker took care of the procedure to drain the boil and bandage him up, prescribing antibiotics.  While they were finishing up, he passed out on the ground which created some excitement.

Dr Walker assisted by his wife Mary Ellen remove a boil

Even though this village was oppressive, hot and dusty, unruly, etc., we trust the Lord brought us there for a purpose.  We can trust the Lord to know that although it may have seemed random, there were divine appointments that day.  People needed to feel cared for and loved, to have someone listen, and to have a gospel tract.   Please pray for this town, that those that came might be drawn to Christ and to the ministry that will soon come to it’s community.

a thankful heart

On the 2- hour ride back into the city, we noticed the smog from the power plant and experienced the anxieties (mild description) of the night-time, rush hour traffic madness.  We were all pretty exhausted after this day. I didn’t realize the severity of the situation but on the way back into the city that night several of us began to feel sharp pains in our chest and by bedtime, I could hardly breathe.  Our lungs were filled with the dust of 1000’s of years of human and animal traffic.  The next morning, my throat was swollen and red and I started a Z-pak.  I have a greater appreciation for those who live in these dusty and poluted conditions.

... for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

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