Jan 11, 2011 Village Clinic #2

January 13, 2011
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 After breakfast we met in Dr. Lewis’ room again to prepare for the day.  Dr. Bob talked what prescriptions were running low and what possible drugs could be used in place of those, if needed.  We talk about the previous day’s clinic and how overwhelming it felt to be mobbed by the villagers.  I asked if it might be possible to set up check-in where people were asked to stand about 3 feet or so away from the table and then permitted to step forward in their turn by some sort of gatekeeper.  Dr. Lewis was not hopeful that this could be achieved, but we submitted it to the Lord that morning in prayer.

I was on heavy meds for my cough, congestion and sore throat on top of the malarone, so the 2-hour bumpy drive out to The Farm left me feeling really bad.  When we arrived, David and his wife, the caretakers of the property, were preparing our lunch.  There on a small fire in the center of the open area of the compound was a pot of boiling, freshly cut lemongrass tea!  God is so good!  I keep experiencing his faithfulness in the things I taste here.  I’m telling you, nothing ever tasted so good on a queasy stomach as that lovely tea.   Thank you so much Lord for being so personal and close to us to hear our spoken and un-spoken prayers.  

Christy and Lane O'Daniel enjoy lemongrass tea at The Farm

The village we visited that afternoon was so different than the day before.  Much to our surprise, when we pulled up to the village square, the building we would be using had a staircase leading off the street, with a level area for the tables before a ramp which lead into the building.  It was set up perfectly to accommodate the “gatekeeper” idea!  A village leader showed up and even offered to sit with us all day at the head of the line and make sure people came forward one at a time, alternating male and female.

the gate, an answered prayer

Again, God is showing off and I rejoiced!  I sat at my check-in station all day, knowing prayer made the difference.  I prayed that the Holy Spirit would send invisible “showers of blessing” to keep the dust watered down, that his angels would hold back the crowds and that He would send a comforting breeze to cool the people as they waited patiently without any shade.  The day was such a pleasure and a joy!

women and men wait in single file, with village leader in tan pants

what a nice line!

On this day, Dr. Clay Jones encountered a man with painful neur0fibromatosis, or solid tumors which develop on  nerve endings.  It’s a hereditary condition.  The man, not knowing what his condition was and fearing he had cancer, needed some guidance, assurance and medication.

man with neurofibromatosis

Dr. Ray Walker counseled and prescribed pain medication for a man with advanced leprosy.  He was missing several fingers and toes. He treated an ulcer on his leg.  He also saw a young child with cerebral palsy and counseled a loving father on how to best help him with medications, etc.

Dr. Laura Engbretson said she was pretty sure she treated a man with cancer as he was wasted away and several cases of pneumonia.  Mama helped Dr Laura by translating every day.   Laura told me that on this day, as a young mother sat down at her examination station, Mama said to the lady, “you have come to see a doctor, but I want to tell you about the source of true healing,” and she gave that lady a gospel tract.   We cannot hand out literature as foreigner, but we can partner with the local church and through these medical clinics, create a magnet that draws the lost to Christ.

I took this picture of a man walking with his ox cart across the street from the clinic.   A couple of things are interesting about this picture.  First, in the distance you will notice a large water reservoir or lake.  Water, many times in the Bible, is associated with blessing.  Second, if you look closely, you can see the ox’s horns are painted blue.  I asked our local ministry leader about this and he said the Hindus just celebrated a festival of light and they paint everything blue, their houses and even their ox’s horns!

blue horns

 As we were packing up, the school children gathered around and counted to 100 in English!  Wow!  I have thought since then, what makes the difference between two villages not more than 30 minutes from each other –  one seemed so oppressive and dry and the other so open and full of order.   Please pray that the seeds that were planted in this village will be watered by the Lord and produce much fruit.  Also, that they will have a hunger and thirst to learn more about the Great Physician, Jesus.

a heart to learn

new friends

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