Jan 1, 2011 New Delhi, India

January 1, 2011
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New Delhi Airport built in 2009

Well, Happy 1/1/11 everybody!  We arrived in India safely with no delays at customs and not one bag missing, praise God!  Thank you for the specific prayers for that.  We had a brief layover in Amsterdam and enjoyed the KLM airlines sky lounge coffee bar and snacks.  On the flight from Amsterdam to New Delhi I sat next to an Indian man of the Sihk religion from the Punjap region.  Sihks are recognized by their distinctly wrapped turbans, uncut hair and beards and steel braclets. They believe in one supreme being who gave divine revelation through 10 gurus.  Very devout Sihks are life-long vegitarians.  I engaged him in about a two hour conversation India’s history and economy, about his family, growning up, customs and beliefs of Sihkism.  It is a facinating ancient religion which incorporates reincarnation, devotion and good works to come back as different creature and finally as a human.  When the opportunity was right, I explained about God’s laws given to us in the Old Testament and how we are not able to keep them, because we all sin, if not in action, in thoughts of our hearts.  That God made a way for our sin to be covered by coming to earth as a man, Jesus, and dying for our sin.   When God looks at us, he sees the blood of Jesus which allows us to be righteous before God.  We can’t add anything to this sacrifice to make us any more “worthy” of heaven.  Our desire to do good, to serve God or worship Him comes from our love for him, from relationship not religion.   I was alittle nervous, but I figured, Lord you put this man next to me, and you opened the door, so I’m going to walk through it.  I spoke to him with love and respect and did likewise.   It was a God moment.    After the conversation ended, I just kept praying for him.  As we were getting ready to deboard the plane, I asked him his name.  He said it was Paul. 

That encounter with Paul embodied the misson verse for Seeds Ministries, Inc: 

1 Cor 3:6 “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow!”  Please pray for Paul tonight and for many others like him who need to hear about the way, the truth and the life we have through Jesus.

Arriving in India was a delight!  Too bad it was dark and we couldn’t see anything out the window, but their new international airport here was modern and beautiful, with sculptures and marble walkways.   It was about 40 degrees outside as we waited for our guide and the van.  Our hotel is nice and clean.  It’s about 1:30 a.m here so I’ll turn in.  Tomorrow, we will rest at our hotel and count meds out for our medical work  in the coming week.

6 Responses to “Jan 1, 2011 New Delhi, India”

  1. Vicky Says:

    How exciting to given an opportunity to witness to this Indian gentleman before you even got off the plane. God is using you during this mission from beginning to end – alpha to omega. Much prayers going to you and your team.

  2. Donna Lynn Says:

    What a God story and happened right out of the gate of your trip beginning! I just prayed for Paul and his willingness to accept the seed planted on your flight. I have also planted for you and the team as you embarq on this journey. Much love and prayers, Donna Lynn

  3. admin Says:

    Thank you for your encouraging comments. Sorry to miss the fellowship time you and Stacy are hosting this coming week. Hope you have a good turnout. My love to everyone, hug the prayer team leaders for me! Christy

  4. admin Says:

    Thank you for that encouragment and for following the blog, your prayers are greatly appreciated! Christy

  5. Penny Says:

    You have such courage and strength. What a frisson I got when you wrote his name was Paul. Truly it must have been a moment of encouragement for you. Keep asking questions! What an opportunity! Penny

  6. admin Says:

    Yes, paul…I told him that is a Christian name! That guy wrote half of the new testament…and it was the last name of my roommate in college. Ok, I didn’t say that last part :-) You are right, questions help people open up. We spent 6 hours each way driving to Taj Mahal yesterday and really did take my breath away. Thanks for following along, Christy